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About Jason Schwartz


I help companies with user acquisition.

I you’re looking for my work history, you can check the Jason Schwartz LinkedIn Profile.  You can blame that weird phrasing on Google’s search algorithm.

I most recently built and sold a company called Matchbook.  It’s an app for saving those must-remember restaurants.

During the initial daily deal boom I was very involved in user acquisition.  That’s a blend of paid advertising, data science, and product optimization.  People are calling this Growth Hacking, but that’s like calling yourself a Social Media Ninja.   I’m currently helping a few phenomenal startups like Betaworks, Picturelife, and Grand St, setup their user acquisition.

I teach a popular class at General Assembly on Product Management.  You can email me about speaking engagements here: j.schwartz4 AT gmail DOT com

If you’re just trying to figure out what I do, here is a list:

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