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In Defense of Another Internet Blog

This is a blog about the Internet, the very last thing that the Internet needs.  The effect that it will have on the net, compared to a scenario in which I don't write it at all, is basically zero.  This seems like an excellent reason not to do it.  Maybe I should end things there: Post, Blog, Match.  A single post; you have to admire the simplicity.

While this blog may not have a measurable impact on the Internet, it will have considerable effect on me.  By posting,  I will become a better member of the Internet community.  It will force me to th

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ink critically about th

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e subjects that face this industry.  I  will have a forum  to present my analysis publicly so its logic can be debated.  It will hold me accountable for my thoughts in a way that highlight their value both in the present and in hindsight.  To determine if someone is truly an Internet expert, read their posts from a year ago.  What they have to say in hindsight is a good indication of how important it is to listen to them now.  If you find yourself reading this in a year, let me save you the trouble; ignore everything I have to say.

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